Happy Fathers Day

I’ve yet to become a father. Hopefully I’ll come across the other half of that equation one day. I do have a few fine examples of great Dad’s in my life. I could not ask for better brother in laws than the three I have. Matt, Tom & Tom (Yes… we have Tom Tom’s) treat and care for my sisters in the very way any brother could wish for the most important gals in his life. I cherish being an Uncle. Brings me so much joy. Which is easy because they all are raising great kids.

Then I have my close friends… the guys whose wee ones and not so wee anymore ones call me “Uncle Peej”. I’ve watched my friends from High School, the Navy, extended family and through out my comedy career shine as Fathers. In my world I’ve been very fortunate to witness responsible, caring, loving & honest gentlemen who work very hard for their families.
All these men in my life are not just great brother in laws, friends, service members and comedians. They are truly amazing Dad’s. I sit back in exhaustion when I witness them in action. Seriously I always say to myself “I don’t know how they do it? I’m wiped out and I get to leave?’ They don’t… in a world where we way to often celebrate bad behavior these men are a shining examples of the opposite. I’m privileged to have them all in my life.

Of course there is my own father. That one is simple. When anyone asks me who my hero is I always reply my father. A hero can be defined not only by one single act of courage but a lifetime of influence. All the dads I know fall into this same category. No one has influenced me more then my father. He came from an island to this country with nothing and has given our family so much blood & sweat. My Dad never gets the proper thanks because it doesn’t exist in the Irish communication realm. But I’m also an artsy American… so… I love you Dad. If I can accomplish a tenth of what you have for our family I’d consider myself a fine man.

Happy Fathers Day Friends!

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