Memorial Day 2014

I try to be mindful, thankful & honor the courageous men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country they love daily. I cannot expect anyone who has not experienced service to our country to fully understand it. Why at 42 years of age I still wear a Navy t-shirt to the gym, pack a bag to travel across the world in an attempt to make my present day brothers and sisters smile, light up like a child on Christmas morning when I meet or see one back home safe. The willingness to put your life before each and every other fellow country member is a misunderstood act at times. Tarnished by many of the very freedoms a Soldier, Sailor, Air Men/Woman and Marine hold in great value. Standing side by side in a small room in all corners of our beautiful country solemnly swearing to support an oath is about putting others ahead of you. Individuals standing to your left or right, who taught you back home, who wrote your favorite book, who held your legs for a keg stand or beat your home team… it’s about you reading this. Some of those who made that oath did not make it back. Today we are mindful, thankful & honor them. PJ

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