– “Comic Relief” Series

Join U.S. Navy veteran turned professional comedian PJ Walsh as he recounts some of his funniest and most memorable military stories for produced by Lou Reda Productions.

EPISODE ONE: “Break the Ice”  – In this episode, PJ takes us through his time training in field medical  service school.

EPISODE TWO: “Taking Naps”  – In this episode, PJ recounts a hilarious episode during a night  training operation.

EPISODE THREE:  “Curled Toes” – In this episode, PJ talks about an incident where he accidentally  interrupted another person’s “private” time.

EPISODE FOUR: “CRYING IRAQ” – In this episode, PJ recounts an unexpectedly entertaining drive across Iraq.

EPISODE FIVE: “DRUNKEN BRAWL” –  In this episode, PJ relives a night of off-duty drunken fun.

EPISODE SIX: “SWIM TEST” –  In this episode, PJ recounts one of his most memorable lessons from training.

EPISODE SEVEN: “TOP SECRET CAMP DAVID” – In this episode, PJ recounts his unforgettable “top secret” trip to Camp David.

EPISODE EIGHT: “THE BAND PLAYS ON” – In this episode, PJ tells the humorous story of what happened when their opening act was on stage while in Iraq.

EPISODE NINE: “DAD IN A BUBBLE” – In this episode, PJ tells a funny story from his childhood when he let a little lie get a bit out of control.

EPISODE TEN: “CODE RED” –  In this episode, PJ recounts a funny story about a “code red” during a trip overseas to entertain the troops.

EPISODE ELEVEN: “A-GAME” In this episode, PJ tells a funny story about what it’s like doing stand-up for servicemembers overseas.

EPISODE TWELVE: TALKING DIRTY In this episode, PJ tells a funny story about talking to his girlfriend while serving overseas.

EPISODE THIRTEEN: JOINING THE NAVY In this episode, PJ tells a funny story about the moment he decided to join the military.

EPISODE FOURTEEN: GUY TO THE LEFT, GUY TO THE RIGHT: In this episode, PJ tells story about his earliest moments of military training.

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