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Q&A with Ali Lerman for the OC Weekly

Really enjoyed talking with Ali Lerman about comedy and American Ninja Warrior training for OC Weekly.

Check it out here  - Comedy and Military Collide When PJ Walsh Takes on American Ninja Warrior

Here’s a classic dig about my Ninja Warrior performance by my buddy and fellow veteran/comedian Justin Wood.  Laugh away!


American Ninja Warrior Results

PJ: 0 – Log: 1

1st off… You’re welcome. I would never deny anyone the opportunity to watch me get drilled in the face. That log uppercut to the grill was nowhere near as painful as watching it on TV with my heartless friends.

*Example – “I’m sorry I’m laughing” Matt Iseman (Host of American Ninja Warrior and very close friend)

I had never in my life been more nervous for anything I’d done. Putting my hands in the President’s mouth for a procedure, performing stand up on live television, at Radio City Music Hall or for 20,000 screaming drunk rednecks didn’t even come close. Not even trips to war zones had me up pacing like that. The closest I’d say was my one man show because it was out of my wheelhouse, but even that I spent 3-4 years preparing for. This was a completely different beast but it was awesome and I wouldn’t change a thing! Besides, I’m of the understanding that a good smack in the noggin is healthy from time to time. American Ninja Warrior was a cherished experience with inspiring individuals. A great deal of work goes into being able to ring that buzzer. I was back in the gym 11 hours later training for next year. I have a lot of work to do and believe me when I say I see that log before I go to bed at night and first thing when I wake up in the morning.

THANK YOU to all our service members and my fellow veterans. Had this not been a special military episode, I would have never even considered doing it. Now I’ve discovered something extremely challenging, both physically and mentally rewarding and I’m very excited about it. That’s when life feels at its best for me. It’s exactly how comedy was in the beginning and how I felt creating my one man show a few years ago. So my mid-life crisis will be running up, jumping over, climbing on and getting hit by sh*t.

BIG thanks to all who believed in me, sent me well wishes and helped push me to do this, especially Matt Iseman, the Batts family, my girlfriend Alayna, Alexa Fitzpatrick, the GIs of Comedy, fellow Ninjas and my hometown community in Brewster, NY. I can never say enough about my own awesome clan or my fellow shipmates for life: Ken Meboe, Zeke Secur and Ken Kane. There has not been a moment since I was an 18 year old Sailor that these men have not had my back, supported my ventures and picked up the phone at 4am. They’re with me always. They’re my brothers. I got to be part of something that shined a light on more men and women just like them and that’s what matters most.

Until next year American Ninja Warrior





When the opportunity came about of possibly doing it, I was hesitant to say the least. It seemed like a daunting task with every negative presenting itself to me. Mainly I focused on my age. Day one of training, I went to Tempest Freerunning Academy in California and busted my foot, but I haven’t recalled having so much fun. Just pure joy. The kid in me was alive and very pissed at his older foot.

I did not stop training, I adjusted. One day in a bout of self-pity, I asked myself this question: How would I feel in a couple of months? The answer that came back was I’d only regret not doing it.

Although I cannot share the outcome of my American Ninja Warrior experience until it airs, I can say even before I took my first step on the show, the results of working towards this have been life changing. It reminded me of creating my one man show. It was about the hardest thing I’ve done creatively, but worth every second.

Now this is here. It was suggested by someone who cares about me and it has opened a door into a community that is completely supportive and inspirational. By facing something seemingly impossibly only 8 weeks away, it also awakened something inside of me. We can never control the outcome of anything. The only thing we can do is put in the work, take a chance and know that the real strength is in the doing.

I remember when I was just the Dental Technician for the President. Wonder what will be next…? I can still breakdance!

Thank you for all the support!
PS… I’ll get back to comedy at some point. ‪#‎comedyninja‬