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Thank You Clarence Clemons – “And The Big Man Joined The Band”

Another instrument that contributed to so many individuals life soundtrack faded away this weekend. When I got the news Clarence Clemons passed I was at a Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Hollywood. I was going down the escalator and I felt such a sadness. For me Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band have been more then just a group. They have been some of my most valued experiences. The relationship between Bruce & The Big Man influenced my eyes & my heart to live a life that looks at humanity colorless. I have many African- American friends. Male & female. I have many Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Latino, Asian, Republican, Democrat, Gay and so on. I have one piece of “Art” I had ever purchased. It is one of those “authentic” pictures that come with a letter & stamp of some sorts. I paid a bunch for it. Not because it was “authentic” but because it was Bruce & Clarence together on stage at that amazing moment in “

The Last Carnival – bruce springsteen by runawaydream