Veterans Day 2012

Someone asked me once “what is it about being a Veteran you value the most?” Simple – Other veterans. Past, present & future. Service to our country is not an act that is going to make you famous, get you rich or really even at the end of the day get you a “thank you.” It’s a selfless choice where you rely on the individuals around you and they on you. An oath, a person’s word, a sense of responsibility and accountability that I seldom see in the world. I’m in the entertainment business where “image” is everything. Most of the time when you pull back those images you don’t find honesty, integrity & truth. That’s why the truly guenuine people go unseen. Those are the people I love, respect & cherish. They allow my “full of shit” at times self to shine in the spotlight. I got to be part of the group for a minute and the opportunity to be around those people and learn those lessons is what I value the most.

Patrick J. Walsh (United States Navy 1990 – 1996)

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