Is That A Susquehanna Hat? Abbott and Costello Will Always Be The Best In My Books.

As a young boy I was a daydreamer. Escaping within my imagination or the view outside the window of a classroom were my preferences opposed to the chalkboard. The only thing that would keep my attention where movies and I looked forward to one in particular almost every week. It was the showing of an old Abbott and Costello film. This being completely the highlight of my week I could hardly wait. To this day I still feel like a boy when I’m watching them. A lot of friends were into The Three Stooges who I enjoyed very much as well. For me though Abbott and Costello were in a league all by themselves. Every Sunday after church WPIX Channel 11 would have the Sunday afternoon movie. It was for the most part always Bud Abbott and Lou Costello films. Some of my favorites were Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, Hold That Ghost & Buck Privets.
To be honest I don’t know one Abbott and Costello film I didn’t like. They’re the best team ever to perform on screen to me. The rise in voice or heaving gasps of breath by Lou Costello when he was scared has become a trademark. Bud Abbott’s constant frustration with him. Over time I came to find an amazing amount of respect for Bud Abbott’s perfection as the straight man. I was all about Lou as a boy. How could you not? His performances were a marvel. As a comedian and having studied acting as well. I have gained so much respect for Bud Abbott’s equally important part in the team. No joke can be executed with out a great set up. Bud set them up and Lou more then knocked them down! I would think when people hear the names Abbott and Costello they immediately think of “Who’s On First?” This is by far the most famous routine. In 1956 a gold record of this absolute classic routine was placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame museum in Cooperstown, New York. For me though it will always be “The Bagel Street” routine. Better known as “The Susquehanna Hat Company” routine. To this day it makes me laugh out loud. Take a watch and see why as a boy I got lost in a big smile and a world of laughter every Sunday afternoon with Abbott and Costello.

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