by PJ Walsh on January 1, 2015

Here’s to the coming year being less polarizing, dehumanizing & argumentative. I’ve witnessed news and social media present a far from accurate representation of the individuals I meet daily across my country and around our world. May those rise who inspire, touch, and amaze.
Much Love, Peej



by PJ Walsh on December 24, 2014

Recently I’ve noticed a great deal more anger online. I myself feel angry about many things that are going on in the world, so I decided to share a little something about myself in honor of the holidays and inspired by someone I love and respect.

I had lunch with my sister, wee cute niece, father, aunt and uncle the other day. The same uncle who fought back from the brink of death. Between many great conversations and laughs, my aunt said to me, “your cousin Jack wants to know why you never wear a NY Yankees hat while you are touring.” This question made complete sense to me as a born and raised New Yorker who, like my cousin, has been a Yankees fan since birth. I do wear a ball-cap quite frequently. Rarely on stage because I feel it can block out light on my face and I still have hair…even though it’s grey, it’s still there! On most occasions the second I get off stage the cap goes on, when traveling the cap goes on, and I do have my reasons for the ball-cap I choose.

I wear a few variations of an Orange Syracuse trucker hat. I never went to Syracuse University or lived in Syracuse, NY. All three of my sisters lived there at some point. One of my brother-in-laws got his law degree there and met my sister while she lived there. My other two brother-in-laws grew up there. I have been to countless games, holidays, parades, and festivals in Syracuse. Three of my nieces are being raised there. All four of my nephews, despite being raised in Connecticut, bleed Orange. There is not a member of my family that can get away with a Syracuse-attire-free Christmas. I’ve never shared this part (because I have no judgment for those who drink) but… my very last drink happen to be a pint of Guinness with my brother-in-law and sister after a Syracuse game at Madison Square Garden. We sat in a restaurant eating dinner and having drinks. At one point I looked around at the table and realized I could not be happier. It’s a great realization, to be happy and in the moment. I’m not always. But there was still something I disliked about myself. Then I took a gaze at my pint of Guinness and heard a voice in my head say “this is a fine way to end this part of my life… this will be my last pint.” No announcement, statement, declaration or program. That was 8 or 9 years ago. I don’t think my brother-in-law or sister even know any of this history of my not drinking. But it’s not the city, games, not drinking or school, it’s family. When I see the color orange (Syracuse), I think of my family.

I told my aunt I wear a Syracuse hat because I’m away from my family a great deal. Comedians travel for a living. That’s part of the job and it can get lonely out there. I wear the hat because it makes me feel close to my family when I’m not, think of them from afar, and always keeping them with me. Also orange is the color of optimism. My aunts reply… “Well, that’s actually very nice,” then she laughed.

May your own family provide as much happiness, care, strength and guidance inside of you this holiday season and many more to come.

Much Love, Peej

Gazientip, Turkey

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by PJ Walsh on November 20, 2014

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who has expressed concerned and has wished us safety within our current travels. To be completely honest I’m only addressing this because I’m taken back by all the messages and comments I have received. It is truly heartwarming. When we travel to certain areas we’re here/there for just a short period of time. The individuals we have come all this distance to entertain are not. Each one of The GIs of Comedy had taken the very same oath, been in some variation of hardship & truthfully do not want to be anywhere else. We are fully aware of a couple things. Our service members are beyond worth it and they got our 6. The way we each see it is our service is not done. This is our part. Believe me when I say what we do is a little thing that has a positive effect in a very massive thing. On behalf of all the guys I thank you and share your well wishes with each and every brave member of our Armed Forces we had/shall have the privilege to make laugh. Thank you again! – Peej



by PJ Walsh on November 11, 2014

Being a Veteran for me is a constant knowledge that out there right at this moment service members are in harm’s way, living in discomfort, far from home and those they love. Individuals who’ve made an oath and sacrifices and shoulder/execute the unimaginable. It’s seeing my own young eyes wearing a uniform. Taking to heart the ideals of this country and loyalty of friends who’ve come together from all walks of life. Being aware that innocence shatters, pain builds and help may be needed. With age you realize the value of life because you’ve lived one. Early on mine was shaped in a uniform, driven by an oath and forged by lifelong friendships. It’s been a pretty solid run. Thank you those who came before me, served with me and will follow after me. You are in my blood, my heart, and my mind. I’m a United States Military Veteran.


Traveling Around The World With The GI’s Of Comedy For Our Troops

September 17, 2014

Had a great trip overseas the past month entertaining the troops with The GI’s Of Comedy. We made some funny videos along the way. This below is everywhere we went and then some silly shorts. PJ Walsh Dances Around The World Working Out On Tour Part 1 Working Out On The Road 2 DIVAS Tweet

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The GI’s Of Comedy Thank The Fine People Of Brewster, NY

June 24, 2014

Wounded Veterans Benefit Comedy Show Friday, June 27, 2014 7:30pm Brewster High School Performing Arts Center Foggintown Road, Brewster, New York 12563 Buy Tickets Here http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/717439 Tweet

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PJ Walsh And Friends Comedy Benefit Show For Vets At Brewster High School PAC

June 17, 2014

Friday June 27th. 7:30pm Brewster High School Performing Arts Center $20.00 Tickets Available: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/717439 *Discount Code “700” Benefit For: Semper Fi Odyssey –a transition program for veterans of any U.S. military branch. Info at www.outdoorodyssey.org Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 672, Brewster NY – 75th Jubilee – Funds to go to Post’s [emergency] Relief Fund for local veterans […]

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Happy Fathers Day

June 15, 2014

TO ALL THE DADS I KNOW: I’ve yet to become a father. Hopefully I’ll come across the other half of that equation one day. I do have a few fine examples of great Dad’s in my life. I could not ask for better brother in laws than the three I have. Matt, Tom & Tom […]

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Memorial Day 2014

May 26, 2014

I try to be mindful, thankful & honor the courageous men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country they love daily. I cannot expect anyone who has not experienced service to our country to fully understand it. Why at 42 years of age I still wear a Navy t-shirt to the gym, […]

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Billy Connolly Has Always Been The Best To Me.

April 18, 2014

Anyone that knows me personally is aware that Billy Connolly might very well be my greatest comedic influence. I also find him to be a fascinating man. I bought a ticket to see him live in NYC once (comedians very rarely actually buy a ticket) and went by myself. I had seen him a few […]

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