Billy Connolly Has Always Been The Best To Me.

by PJ Walsh on April 18, 2014

Anyone that knows me personally is aware that Billy Connolly might very well be my greatest comedic influence. I also find him to be a fascinating man. I bought a ticket to see him live in NYC once (comedians very rarely actually buy a ticket) and went by myself. I had seen him a few times. I just laughed & laughed! (comedians very rarely laugh) The following day I was standing on the corner outside my apartment on MacDougal St. and he was standing right next to me with his family. He was smiling… just taking it all in. I didn’t say a word… Just did the same.


April Is Here And I’m On Vine… I Guess?

by PJ Walsh on March 27, 2014

I will be in Toledo, Ohio at LaffsInc Comedy Club  April 3rd – 5th. Excited to return the following week to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of my favorite clubs the Milwaukee’s Comedy Cafe April 10th – 12th. The April 15th & 26th I’ll be back in Ogden, Utah at Wiseguys Comedy Club! I will also apparently be on Vine.



I Don’t Date During Football Season

by PJ Walsh on January 21, 2014

2 weeks until the Superbowl. So I’m putting up a fine romantic relationship/football story.

Runs 6 minutes. I’m a storyteller… so enjoy if you have the time.



by PJ Walsh on December 25, 2013

Please Vote, Sound Off & We’ll Accept A Gallery Showing -
EVERY YEAR my family gets together for the holiday and at some point fight like caged animals over who REALLY has the best Christmas plate made in kindergarten. THIS IS SERIOUS BUISNESS! – Is it Colleen the oldest with her *Pissed Off Purple Pilgrim Sweeping Snowman with a Chain-link Tree & Urineballs. Or Tara the 2nd oldest and her *Carrot Rocket-ship House Rained on by Pretzels & Smaller Urineballs. Possibly Patrick the only boy and loved the most by their Mommy and Daddy for considerately including them in his *Dyslexic Werry Chr i Stma s 1978 Pretty Damn AMAZING Christmas Tree. Just maybe the baby Cathy with her *1984 Christmas Present Jenga Tree with Hearts, Blood Splatter, even smaller Unrinballs, a Red Something? and dare I say Witch flying around… Yes… A WITCH. Werry Chr i Stma s Everyone! Peej

Walsh Plates

 The debate always ends when the next generation plate by my niece gets broken out. It’s a game ender with her “2007 Mary Of Nazareth Tossing A Caterpillar Baby Jesus Over The Manger While The Sun Beams Down”. GAME OVER! Winner Briggy! 

Best Plate!

THE RESULTS!1480625_10202105168604023_300549673_n

WELL WELL… after all the votes… turns out the winner is (Drum Roll)…. PATRICK! Patricks plate was so popular in 1978 is spawned “imitations”. Like Rich Scampoli’s valid attempt to capture the awesomeness of his classmate’s tree while sitting next to him in art because his last name ended in a “W” and his own “S”.  Although similar in style Ricky’s tree clearly would not match the sheer size and girth of the young Irishman Patrick’s. It also clearly lacked a couple presents to cradled underneath. You might ask… is this one long Penis & testacies joke 25 years in the making… you betcha! Coming in a very surprising second place is… The baby Cathy! The people embraced Cak, Cak’s Picasso all fall holiday plate! Colleen’s Purple plate held the 3rd place spot. Overconfident like the Russian Ivan Drago is Rocky V it fell from grace. Taking in the last spot is Tara who God bestowed 4 boys in response to creating a carrot house. The people have spoken! They let the world know… they want a Werry Chr i Stma s! WINNER! PATRICK!



October 31, 2013

The P!NK concert got cancelled in Salt Lake City, Utah. So some ladies decided to come out to see a comedy show at Wiseguys Comedy Club instead. I give them my thoughts on why she should be doing the 1/2 time show at the Superbowl instead of Bruno Mars. Tweet

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When I Get To See A Hero Laugh At Home

October 19, 2013

Last nights second show was the closest thing I’ve had to that feeling you get as a kid on Christmas morning. The lead up, excitement and joy. This happens to me every time I know a Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airmen who I had the opportunity to entertain in Iraq or Afghanistan comes to see […]

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September 22, 2013

Jhony Wonder my old friend, Navy shipmate & brother in making sure people have smiles. You had to call me out! SOB! OK… Damn! Since you called me out! There are so many variables that lead up to these instances. Weapon access, mental illness, drugs, political views, economy, isolation, laws… I mean it’s like the […]

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Upcoming Shows September – October 2013

September 21, 2013

Out on the road all month! Hope I’m coming close to you!  9/26-28 Rookies Comedy Club – Sioux Falls, South Dakota Website: 10/2 Temple Theatre – Saginaw, Michigan Website: 10/3 Turtle Creek Casino – Williamsburg, Michigan Website: 10/4-5 Wisecrackers – Merrillville, Indiana Website: 10/9 Gary Fields @ FireKeepers – Battle Creek, […]

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Boston Marathon Bombings

April 16, 2013

An amazingly annoying quality in many comedians is the inability to “turn it off”. When it comes to something like the events that happen to the great people of Boston yesterday… I’m not saying you have to… but just maybe you should. More importantly to my Boston friends. As a New Yorker I have always […]

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Marriage Equality

March 26, 2013

Denying anyones right to marry questions the lyrics “Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave”. Just our National Anthem. I fully support Marriage Equality! LOVE4EVERYONE! Tweet

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