When the opportunity came about of possibly doing it, I was hesitant to say the least. It seemed like a daunting task with every negative presenting itself to me. Mainly I focused on my age. Day one of training, I went to Tempest Freerunning Academy in California and busted my foot, but I haven’t recalled having so much fun. Just pure joy. The kid in me was alive and very pissed at his older foot.

I did not stop training, I adjusted. One day in a bout of self-pity, I asked myself this question: How would I feel in a couple of months? The answer that came back was I’d only regret not doing it.

Although I cannot share the outcome of my American Ninja Warrior experience until it airs, I can say even before I took my first step on the show, the results of working towards this have been life changing. It reminded me of creating my one man show. It was about the hardest thing I’ve done creatively, but worth every second.

Now this is here. It was suggested by someone who cares about me and it has opened a door into a community that is completely supportive and inspirational. By facing something seemingly impossibly only 8 weeks away, it also awakened something inside of me. We can never control the outcome of anything. The only thing we can do is put in the work, take a chance and know that the real strength is in the doing.

I remember when I was just the Dental Technician for the President. Wonder what will be next…? I can still breakdance!

Thank you for all the support!
PS… I’ll get back to comedy at some point. ‪#‎comedyninja‬



I sat in a C-130 plane transporting remains of lost service members in August of 2007. I was on the tail end of a month long tour of the Middle East entertaining troops. That late night into early morning the universe took on a silence I can still feel to this day.

As I sat for 5 or so hours with American Flag draped coffins, I realized how precious life really is. I reflected on all I’ve been able to do since I wore a uniform. The time that has passed and the value life has gained with that time. Time that whomever was in those Flag Draped coffins no longer had.

I did not know their branch of service, their gender, age or final destination to be laid to rest. What I do know is what they sacrificed. Who they made that sacrifice for & most of all why. I know it in my bones and have never been the same since.

That part has not always been easy. Maybe it’s a dramatic nature, empathy or just life, but they never really leave me. I’m not haunted. I’m aware. Very aware how precious life is. How fortunate mine has been and I often wonder why? I ponder once in awhile about why. Why am I still trotting about when others are not. I’m no better than anyone. Especially those who we shared that plane ride with. Why am I living a pretty amazing life?

My answer is because of individuals like them. Individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice. I participated in the removal (from the plane) ceremony. Standing at parade rest in muster with active service members. When the caskets draped in our colors came within view we all snapped to attention. It was the 1st time I’d done so in over a decade. It also took on a new meaning that very second.

In a way Memorial Day is daily for me. For many no doubt. It’s a precious thing… This life. You don’t realize how precious life is until you live one. I’m still living. Thank You The Fallen

Afghanistan – August 2007

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