Boston Marathon Bombings

An amazingly annoying quality in many comedians is the inability to “turn it off”. When it comes to something like the events that happen to the great people of Boston yesterday… I’m not saying you have to… but just maybe you should. More importantly to my Boston friends. As a New Yorker I have always felt you make us better in all areas. Sports, pride and most important… loyalty. Boston is family! We are all family! If you hear or read something insensitive to the events which have cut you so deep. I’m not saying you have to deal with it “old school” northeastern style… but just maybe you should. I got your back! You are a beautiful, classy and strong city. I’m heartbroken this came upon you. We were not struck yesterday in a weak place. By no means. They made a very big mistake by picking Boston. I know this from life experience. It does not get tougher then Boston! Much Love My Friends!

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