In Stitches – Episode 4: “No, your story is not my story” with Stephanie Kline

Stephanie Kline is an all-around badass. She’s a comedian, writer, producer, and community volunteer—AND that’s just what she does after work.

In this episode of the In Stitches Podcast, we explore Stephanie’s evolution from living a life of self-described selfishness to earning the “PJ Walsh Award for Service and Other Nice Things.” We follow her path from a humorless childhood to a humility-building USMC experience to a life of interdependence and joy in comedy and the arts.

Stephanie’s story is filled with pain and pride, loving the institutions that shape you and demanding they do better. It’s a story of breaking down and breaking open, losing power and reclaiming that power back. And, her story is an emotional one, so grab some tissues (probably a couple boxes) and strap in for the ride.

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