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In Stitches: Episode 2. “She Saw, She Cared” with Dr. Janelle Junkin

Dr. Janelle Junkin is a lot of things—musician, community music therapist, humor researcher, activist. And, her work brings her to some of humanity’s most challenging places, from conducting research in post-genocide Rwanda to providing music therapy to children in hospice. But the throughline for all her service is a recognition that no one is disposable, everyone has something to offer, and, no matter what you’re doing, you can’t take yourself too seriously.

In the second episode of In Stitches Podcast, we explore Janelle’s wide-ranging work with affected communities and the importance for mental health providers to receive care of their own. Plus, Janelle shares the role humor plays in her personal coping as well as her academic research on creativity and humor.

Dr. Junkin brings joy and strength—and, sometimes, a good laugh to some of the most challenging places. And the world is better off for it. 

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