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In Stitches: Episode 3 “The many ways to arrive at laughter with Dion Flynn”

The third episode of the In Stitches Podcast entitled, “The many ways to arrive at laughter with Dion Flynn,” just went live this week. Dion is best known for his impression of President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Clanging: Verbal Jazz, a co-produced stage show with Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother, and mostly from directing my one-man show OVER THERE. Comedy is His Best Weapon 🤣

Dion is a master storyteller and there isn’t a minute of his tale that won’t grip you emotionally. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and probably grab a notepad! Dion’s experience is that rich and his voice is that impactful.

If your time and interest permits, I’d be grateful if you gave an episode or two, or three, a listen. You can find them on…

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Rest In Peace William Esper

“It’s ok to be ignorant, it’s not ok to stay that way” William Esper

The first time I heard those words I was sitting as a student in Bill Esper’s class. They pierced me so hard that they instantly became a principal I’ve lived by ever since. I sit here broken by the world’s loss and re-enforced by the foundation he gave to so many.

For myself, Bill guided and showed a dyslexic, blue-collar, military veteran, comedian that he had more to offer and there was much more he had yet to be exposed to. He re-awakened a stagnant will for learning while refueling my curiosity in people who live a life much different from my own. The people, the moments shared & the friendships I have been blessed with from The William Esper Studio could fill a thousand books. It’s a chapter in my life I cherish.

I think this exchange from when I sat down with Bill for the studio acceptance interview captures the journey perfectly.   

Bill“Have you acted in any theatre, tv or films?”

Me“I was in Larry The Cable Guys – “Delta Farce”

Bill“Well… we can only go up from there”.

Thank you Bill. Your lessons continue to settle in… RIP

William Esper
Classmates And Friends