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In Stitches: Episode 3 “The many ways to arrive at laughter with Dion Flynn”

The third episode of the In Stitches Podcast entitled, “The many ways to arrive at laughter with Dion Flynn,” just went live this week. Dion is best known for his impression of President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Clanging: Verbal Jazz, a co-produced stage show with Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother, and mostly from directing my one-man show OVER THERE. Comedy is His Best Weapon 🤣

Dion is a master storyteller and there isn’t a minute of his tale that won’t grip you emotionally. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and probably grab a notepad! Dion’s experience is that rich and his voice is that impactful.

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In Stitches: Episode 1. Adam Keys is 99% Dishwasher Safe!

Introducing In Stitches Podcast, an interview-style podcast that explores the humanity in humor.

I’m very passionate about sharing stories of people who have inspired me and I’m equally passionate about the power of laughter. To me, they are both the surprise recognition that we are not alone and provide us with similar experience, clarity, perspective, inspiration, growth & very often a much needed release.

One person who has inspired me (and become a good friend!) is Armed Services Arts Partnership – ASAP founder, Sam Pressler. Our friendship had been forged cultivating a community where veterans, active service members, military families and caregivers can experience support, growth & an outlet through the arts. And our conversations continue to go way beyond that, which led us to creating this podcast!

Sam and I are going to be talking to people from all types of backgrounds: comics and non-comics, first responders and civilians, and everyone in between. In every episode, we’ll unearth the role that humor played in our guests’ lives—both how humor helped and, sometimes, how humor hurt. We hope to capture that messy middle between comedy and tragedy, laughter and tears. 

In our inaugural Episode, we speak with Adam Keys – “One Step Forward” – During Adam’s first tour in Afghanistan his vehicle hit an Improvised explosive device. He was the only survivor, lost three limbs and has undergone 140+ surgeries. Adam refused to be defined by what he’s lost, but chooses to be defined by what he’s gained, which includes a killer sense of humor!

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I Am Hampton Roads: Sam Pressler

Please share this young mans story. We NEED more Sam Pressler’s in the world. When Sam contacted me a few years ago with his vision for the Armed Services Arts Partnership I could feel his passion. I held zero doubt he was the REAL DEAL! A young man of ACTIONS that followed up smart, compassionate & thought out words. He went on to make the Forbes list of “30 Under 30” for his work with Military Veterans, Active Duty & Families. Thank you Kerri Furey and everyone at The Hampton Roads Show for shining the spotlight on a phenomenal person! Congrats Sam! #inspirational