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Face Of America Ride

Take a minute… only a minute. Watch this short video that really captures the bike ride I participated in this past weekend. At the 37 second mark you can see the smiles on all of our faces. Every once in a while I catch myself living in pure joy. That state is impossible to maintain, but I promise you that if you spend time with individuals that inspire, overcome & live beyond themselves, you will feel it. Life isn’t about you or me. It’s about us. I’m beyond happy to be part of the World T.E.A.M. Sports family. It’s life changing!


Face of America Highlights 01:00 from Parts and Labour on Vimeo.

Veterans Day 2012

Someone asked me once “what is it about being a Veteran you value the most?” Simple – Other veterans. Past, present & future. Service to our country is not an act that is going to make you famous, get you rich or really even at the end of the day get you a “thank you.” It’s a selfless choice where you rely on the individuals around you and they on you. An oath, a person’s word, a sense of responsibility and accountability that I seldom see in the world. I’m in the entertainment business where “image” is everything. Most of the time when you pull back those images you don’t find honesty, integrity & truth. That’s why the truly guenuine people go unseen. Those are the people I love, respect & cherish. They allow my “full of shit” at times self to shine in the spotlight. I got to be part of the group for a minute and the opportunity to be around those people and learn those lessons is what I value the most.

Patrick J. Walsh (United States Navy 1990 – 1996)